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📢 GitOpsCon relocates to Open Source Summit
By Scott Rigby
December 16, 2022

📢 GitOpsCon relocates to Open Source Summit

On December 14th, the CNCF announced changes to how co-located events will work moving forward, starting with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2023 EU.

With this announcement, we are happy to announce that GitOpsCon is joining forces with cdCon and moving from KubeCon + CloudNativeCon to Open Source Summit starting in 2023!

This relocation to Open Source Summit - also a Linux Foundation event - is planned to continue moving forward, both in North America and Europe, and more directly align CD Foundation and CNCF communities. Everyone is welcome!

Upcoming dates

April 2023The GitOps WG and OpenGitOps will continue to have an onsite presence at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, EU 2023 in Amsterdam, NL - as a project meeting or ½ day co-located event - but this will no longer be where the main GitOpsCon event is held. In addition, CNCF GitOps projects such as Argo, Carvel, Flux, and Keptn will be in the project pavilion as usual.
May 2023This coming GitOpsCon will be at Open Source Summit, North America 2023 from May 10-12 in Vancouver, Canada. This will be a 2-day, multi-track event, in a larger space to accommodate even more attendees! A CNCF booth is also planned to be next to the CD Foundation booth, to represent CNCF groups including the GitOps WG, and projects relevant to the colocated events including GitOps CNCF projects above.
September 2023The following GitOpsCon would be at Open Source Summit, Europe 2023 in Bilbao, Spain.
November 2023Continuing with GitOps WG and OpenGitOps project meeting at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, NA 2023 in Chicago, IL.


GitOpsCon will share this event with CdCon, and co-organize this with the CD Foundation. This is a huge alignment between CNCF and the CDF, and we are honoured that GitOpsCon can serve as the gateway for this collaboration While this is also part of a larger reorganisation of co-located events at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, GitOpsCon in particular has been the most well-attended KCCNC co-located event. So it is a truly exciting announcement that GitOpsCon is now large enough to move to this kind of joint event at Open Source Summit!


  • On Dec 8 LF informed the GitOpsCon organisers of this change by email. We have not yet announced this to the rest of the WG in the week between then and now because there has not been a WG meeting, and we have been in discussion with LF this past week to gather details before presenting to the group. As of our meeting with Linux Foundation staff today, Dec 15, we now have more complete info to share.
  • We will announce this through the TAG App Delivery mailing list, in CNCF Slack #opengitops and #wg-gitops channels. Additionally, we are working on a short blog post on this for website and the media subgroup will promote it through Twitter, Discord, etc for those GitOpsCon who don't attend WG meetings or watch our Slack channels or the mailing list.

Presence at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2023

  • The GitOps Working Group will still have the option to potentially host a project meeting or ½ day co-located event onsite at KCCNC. We have tentatively said yes to this, pending feedback from the group at our next WG meeting and when this is announced through the mailing list

Benefits for attendees

  • GitOpsCon will now be a 2-day event! We are currently considering one day for hands-on workshops and community conversations, and the other day for sessions as we have done previously. We will confirm this publicly either way, as soon as this is decided by GitOpsCon and cdCon organizers.
  • Attendees no longer need to register for the parent conference to attend GitOpsCon! Previously, in order to attend GitOpsCon, attendees needed to also register for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon – an additional expense for those who only wanted GitOpsCon. Now attendees may register for cdCon + GitOpsCon colocated event on its own, without having to also register for the rest of the parent event - now Open Source Summit - saving money for those who want this option.


  • This move also comes with more options and benefits for sponsors. Lead generation will now be available to all sponsorship levels (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Startup), with additional benefits at each tier as well. Sponsorship packages will be published very soon. We are encouraging more organizations to sponsor this time around - to help keep attendee costs down, and share investment in this important event for the GitOps community. We will be amplifying huge thanks as sponsors become confirmed!

Looking forward to seeing you there!