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What is OpenGitOps?

OpenGitOps is a set of open-source standards, best practices, and community-focused education to help organizations adopt a structured, standardized approach to implementing GitOps.

GitOps is the best thing since configuration as code. Git changed how we collaborate, but declarative configuration is the key to dealing with infrastructure at scale, and sets the stage for the next generation of management tools.

- Kelsey Hightower Staff Developer Advocate, Google

I wish GitOps practices were available a decade ago. GitOps increases the quality of everything we do. Right now, I can't imagine working differently anytime in the future.

- Florian Heubeck, Principal Engineer, MediaMarktSaturn Technology

GitOps feels like the right way to manage Kubernetes clusters. Other pre-containerization CI/CD tools are flakey, fragile and take up valuable time. Engineers should focus on solving code problems, and not on the deployment process.

- Curve

Founding Members

GitOps Principles v0.1.0

  1. 1

    The principle of declarative desired state

    A system managed by GitOps must have its Desired State expressed declaratively as data in a format writable and readable by both humans and machines.

  2. 2

    The principle of immutable desired state versions

    Desired State is stored in a way that supports versioning, immutability of versions, and retains a complete version history.

  3. 3

    The principle of continuous state reconciliation

    Software agents continuously, and automatically, compare a system's Actual State to its Desired State. If the actual and desired states differ for any reason, automated actions to reconcile them are initiated.

  4. 4

    The principle of operations through declaration

    The only mechanism through which the system is intentionally operated on is through these principles.

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