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Flux Graduates within CNCF! 🥳
By Scott Rigby
November 30, 2022

Flux Graduates within CNCF! 🥳

Today we celebrate Flux's graduation within CNCF! A momentous occasion not only for the Flux project, but for the GitOps Working Group and OpenGitOps project. Flux (and its subproject, Flagger) has been providing GitOps and Progressive Delivery capabilities to a growing community of users, enterprise companies, and providers such as Weaveworks, AWS, Microsoft, D2iQ, VMware, and Red Hat. So it's no surprise that the project met the scrutiny of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's Technical Oversight Committee and its third-party security audits. Flux has come a long way since its beginnings as the project that led to the term, GitOps. Flux's graduation within CNCF validates the maturity of the project, the GitOps landscape, and the purpose of the OpenGitOps project.

Enterprise users have shared their experiences:

Flux makes Kubernetes easier to use for platform teams, and … Flux and Flagger make GitOps safer to adopt for developers.
- Ivan Anisimov, Director of Engineering, RingCentral

These are some of the reasons that led Amazon, Codefresh, GitHub, Microsoft, and Weaveworks to create the GitOps Working Group within the CNCF. As voiced by their CTO:

The Flux project in the CNCF has been exciting because it has been a simple extension of Kubernetes and helped pioneer the GitOps movement.
- Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

As Kubernetes co-creator, Brendan Burns, has noted in “GitOps as an evolution of Kubernetes,” this trend is increasingly being seen as a natural natural extension, evolution, and value-add to Kubernetes itself. And Kubernetes Co-Founder, Joe Beda, adds:

Application deployment is a deceptively hard problem. The general approach of GitOps is to leverage existing tools with deep support and good security aspects to create automation that is easy for developers and operators to reason about. Flux is the premier way to apply this to Kubernetes and, by being constructed as a toolkit, both solves existing problems and is set up to lead the charge as we, as an industry, continue to innovate around these ideas.
- Joe Beda, Kubernetes Co-Founder

Many end users have also shared how Flux's design and technical benefits help them to achieve their business needs:

At Ortec for communications, Flux has been an essential part of our DevOps journey and the ability to do more with less.
- Mathijs Hoogland, Senior DevOps Engineer, Ortec for communications

At J. B. Hunt, Flagger is an essential part of allowing our devs to deploy more rapidly than our regular schedule. Flagger's progressive delivery helps us provide reliability to business-critical apps for our customers.
- Daniel Trimble, Director of SRE, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

Flux users have shared all types of needs: multi-region cluster management for their globally growing businesses, managing traffic spikes on special holidays, migrating legacy applications to modern infrastructure, complying with industry regulations and auditors, and much more. In all of these cases, Flux and Flagger have been core tools to help them meet these business needs in ways that takes away the manual work and gives them room to innovate with velocity.

Flux's graduation and stories like these are particularly exciting for the GitOps Working Group and the OpenGitOps project. Flux follows the 4 core principles and the adopters are showing the benefits that they enjoy. As GitOps and Flux have moved into the mainstream, risk averse verticals such as global banking, telecoms, and government have adopted Flux already. One reason for this is that you cannot have innovative offerings without making security a priority:

We work with security professionals as part of an ongoing development process as security is a top priority in Flux's design and maintenance.
- Paulo Gomes, Flux maintainer, Weaveworks

Flux's graduation is a big win for the CNCF and a win for the many current and future adopters that the OpenGitOps project supports. We congratulate Flux for the success and for the years of growth to come. 💖